Daily Update

24 Hour Update for January 2nd:

  • Down 2% for the day against BNB

  • We’re running a new banner ad campaign on /biz/

  • Merch store and stickers are still in progress

  • Buyer comp is still going on! It ends when we get to 400 holders!

  • Worst Job Story competition is also still going on!

Check the Telegram pins for the details on all the competitions. The BSC shitcoin market is currently (as I write this) going absolutely insane with tiger coins. I’ve seen a lot of “the casino is back baby” posts on telegram today, so we might see some spillover from that energy.

48 Hour Update for January 1st:

Hope your year has started off right! This what has been happening with NEETX:

  • Down 4% against BNB

  • Still holding above 100k MC

The team has been discussing the best strategy for weathering the general storm that is the current crypto market. The traditional methods for crypto marketing (calls, twitter promos, CMS, ect) haven’t been particularly effective for us, which is not that surprising since we aren’t a traditional crypto project. Ultimately we think the best short-term strategy is to continue working on organic, word-of-mouth growth with a little paid advertising when it is cost-effective. This can happen through biz posting, twitter posting, telegram groups (like actually talking about the project, not posting shill text), ect. The goal is to position ourselves well to ride the next wave of growth

Long-term, we are talking about taking more of a guerrilla marketing approach. As part of our merch store, we are looking into having stickers available that you all can order (for free!) and post up wherever you live. The plan is to have QR codes on the stickers that will drive traffic to the website where people can learn what we are all about. We want the stickers to be controversial, and to represent the various (opposing) ideological and political views that make up our project. The phrase I used is that the stickers should either make you say “fuck yeah” or “fuck you”. Either way, it’s likely to drive engagement, which is a good thing. If you have ideas for the stickers, let me know!

48 Hour Update for December 30th:

This is a 48 hour update since we were in the middle of our CMS marketing push last night at update time.

  • Up 18% against BNB over the last 48 hours

  • Still holding strong back above 100k MC

  • 35 new telegram joins yesterday from the CMS marketing

  • 10 new holders

  • One extra bonus from the CMS marketing push is we got a bunch of stuff cleaned up on the website.

The CMS (and other subreddit) posting went well, with our post in the #2 spot on CMS during prime time for burger Reddit viewing. We saw a bunch of traffic in the telegram and some buys. Seems like we picked up a few more true believers! Thanks to everyone who jumped in to add comments and extra upvotes to our post. It really helped to increase the visibility.

@Federated32 and @kohonos are sponsoring a “Worst Job Stories” contest! Check the pins for the details, but the TLDR version is you can post your worst job stories in the telegram, and the community will be voting to pick the winners. I’ve got some stories in mind, and I’m sure you do too. Let’s hear them.

24 Hour Update for December 28th:

  • Down 7% for the day against BNB

  • Our marketing details for tomorrow are finalized! It should be a big one

  • Some small website tweaks

The general crypto market took a beating today! Most everything is down 5-10%. I expect there to be a bit of a bounce tomorrow, which should help our marketing campaign. Here are the details:

  1. Starting at 2100 UTC, we are going to coordinate some community buying. If you’ve been waiting to buy some more NEETX, this will be the time! The idea is to start a small uptrend on the chart just before our marketing hits. Please spread your buys out over the 2100-2200 UTC timeframe; we aren’t looking for a green wall.

  2. Our promoted CryptoMoonShots Reddit post (along with some other smaller crypto subreddits) should hit at 2200 UTC. This should drive a lot of traffic to our website, our telegram, and our chart. We want all three looking good. If you’re a true believer who is hanging out in the telegram, please be welcoming and ready to answer questions about the project! Remember, we need to be authentic. No moonboi shit please.

  3. When the CryptoMoonShots post goes live, we need you to get in there and leave comments. The Reddit algorithm is a combination of time, and upvotes and engagement. The more engagement our post has in the period immediately after it is posted, the more visibility it will have. The idea is to keep it as high as possible for as long as possible in CryptoMoonShots. So hop on in there, leave a comment, give it an upvote, and then come back a little later to check it again. Hopefully we’ll have some questions there from the CMS community that we can answer.

In cruising various BSC telegram groups I have seen a bunch of people mention NEETX. People know we are out here, and I get the impression that they are just waiting for the chart to show some movement before they buy. This is our opportunity to get back on that nice uptrend we had after launch! Let’s make the most of it.

24 Hour Update for December 27th:

  • Down 3% for the day against BNB

  • The general crypto market was up for a bit. Things seem to be trending up in general!

  • Still figuring out the details for our marketing push this week.

  • One more “This is what NEETX means to me” added to the website

I want to get some more of the “This is what NEETX means to me” up there! Let’s hear what you have to say!

72 Hour Update for December 26th:

This is an extended update since we didn’t post one for Christmas Eve or Christmas

  • Up 13% over the last three days. We are now back above $100,000 MC

  • Holiday shillathon is complete! Congratulations to the winners!

  • We are still doing some work to increase the trading volume so the chart will look funky at times

  • Planning a marketing push for sometime in the middle of next week, precise timing is TBD.

  • I think ApeLab is finishing up their re-launch, so hopefully our AMA with them will happen soon.

The big change, for me, is that I added a section on the first page of the website so we could share what some of our holders have been saying about what NEETX means to them. I think this is really important. It adds a lot of credibility to our project. NEETX is, at it’s heart, a by-the-people-for-the-people kind of thing and to get others on board we have to explain to them why WE are on board. So check it out, and if you’re feeling inspired please tell us what NEETX means to you! Even just a sentence or two about why you bought and why you are holding will be great. The more we have to share, the more we can convince others that we are here to help and we are here to stay.

Keep it comfy!

24 Hour Update: December 23rd

  • Even with BNB for the day

  • We have some stuff going on to increase trading volume, which should help with those CG and CMC listings we have all been waiting for. It might make the chart look a little funky.

  • We’re going to set up a promoted CMS post after Christmas, along with some coordinated buying from anyone in the community who wants a little more $NEETX

It’s probably gonna be quiet in the chat for the next couple days as everyone who celebrates Christmas goes off to do their thing. I’ll try to pop in here and there but you probably won’t hear a lot from me. I’ll see you all after Christmas!

24 Hour Update: December 22nd

  • Down 1% against BNB for the day

  • The Holiday Shillathon is still in effect! Check the pinned messages for the details. It’s some easy money for posting on 4chan!

Realistically we aren’t expecting to see much action until after Christmas, but we are planning for a post-Christmas marketing push. Right now, that plan looks like coordinating a buying campaign for those of you who want to buy more, with paying for upvoting on a CMS Reddit post. The ideas is that we get an upward trend on our chart right as the CMS post gains visibility.

I’m also looking to add some credibility to our website for the #antiwork crowd. It’s too easy to view this project as an effort to separate fools from their money (that they already don’t have enough of). We need to convince people otherwise. Rob wrote up a nice post for the website about why he believes in the project. If you would like to do the same, let me know! I hope to have a few examples up on the site in the coming days so everyone can get an idea what I’m trying to convey.

Super Delayed 24 Hour Update for December 21st:
Sorry this is so delayed; I have a bunch of wagie and family stuff going on so I haven’t been able to type this up until now.

  • Down 29% against BNB over the last 24 hours. We are now sitting right around our launch price.

  • The Ape Lab AMA was delayed due to Ape Lab being in the middle of a token migration. I’m going to seek out some other venues to do more AMAs. I think it is a good opportunity to get the word out and bring some more true believers to the project. If you’re interested in being a speaker at an AMA, let me know. Ben, T, and I aren’t always available when there is an open slot for an AMA.

  • We launched our Holiday Shillathon contest! Between now and December 24th at 2300 UTC, the person who posts the most NEETX messages to 4chan will win 400,000,000 $NEETX. The runner up will win 200,000,000 $NEETX. Check the pins for details. Make sure you remember to add #holidayshillathon to your telegram message, otherwise I won’t be able to find it to count it!

  • Had some new buyers show up in the telegram who are genuinely on board with the spirit of the project. That is always great to see!

  • Mostly comfy vibes in the Telegram. As a reminder, this project sits at the intersection of a lot of different political and ideological views. We ARE going to have disagreements about that stuff. It is good, and healthy, to discuss those disagreements here. That being said, keep it civil. Personal insults and attacks won’t be tolerated. We’re all on the same team.

No denying that it’s a bummer to see red on the chart. I do want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that most of the big presale projects launching these days haven’t even gotten back above their launch price. So while we are down relative to where we were a few days ago, we are still in good shape and we are moving forward. We’re also in a good place to stock up before the CMC and CG listings come through. As we’ve said before, we don’t have any way to predict when those are going to happen, but there isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t happen. If you’re considering buying some more $NEETX, keep an eye out for a coordinated community buy in the near future. Also, if your buy is over 50,000,000 $NEETX you’ll be entered into our giveaway contest!

Some stuff that is coming up:

  • Kevin has done some awesome work on the website, and I’m going to try to get some content moved over today. Keep an eye out for the official announcement that the new site is live.

  • We are exploring some more ideas for marketing that are a bit different than your average crypto project.

24 Hour Update: December 19th:

The big piece of news is that last night we identified a problem with TokenSniffer that was causing us to have an awful score (zero!) because it showed our LP and dev wallet as unlocked. Basically, on TokenSniffer it looked like a classic rugpull. We got in touch with the TokenSniffer team and they sorted it out. We are now at 70/100. Most of those 30 deducted points are because our contract ownership is not renounced. We have discussed that here in the telegram and most holders seem to agree that it should remain unrenounced so we have the ability to make changes and improve things in the future. Please check the contract in whatever scanning tool you prefer to look for any more issues. If you find any, let us know so we can address them! The team believes this has been a major factor in our slow growth the last few days. Other news:

  • Down -5% against BNB for the day. Our 7-day average growth is now .12%

  • Whitepaper was completed

  • 4chan banner ads were refreshed again

  • Interim website update was completed. We added an “About Us” section that explains what this project is all about, and a “Daily Update” section to communicate project updates outside of Telegram and Twitter. We still have a complete website overhaul in progress; these changes are just for the short-term.

  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko applications are resubmitted. One week is long enough to wait, and since we haven’t heard anything from them since we originally submitted, we submitted again with all our updated social media, updated website, whitepaper, ect.

I really do think our awful tokensniffer score has been a major impediment to growth. TokenSniffer is an outdated tool, but lots of buyers will not buy anything that looks suspicious on TokenSniffer. With our major problems there resolved, it should look like a much safer buy. This should make our social media shilling efforts more fruitful. Let’s refocus our shilling efforts on 4chan and coinchan.

Stay Comfy!

48 Hour Update: December 19th

This update is going to catch the last 48 hours, since I was too busy waging last night to summarize what happened.

  • Down -1.9% over the last 48 hours against BNB. Our average 24 hour growth for the last seven days is +.69%

  • We did a twitter raid last night, and got some more engagement, but we need to figure out the best timing so that enough people are around in the telegram to make it effective. The last one was at 2200 UTC, and it seemed like most people showed up after it was over. Maybe a morning and evening raid (UTC time) so we can get coverage from all time zones? If you have any ideas, DM them to me. Based on the Telegram statistics our high traffic times are 1200 and 0000 UTC.

  • We FINALLY had some listings come through. Check out the pinned message. Please go through and vote at each of theses sites every day. This is one of the best ways we can reach people outside of 4chan right now. More votes > higher in the listings > more visibility. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be doing the project (and yourself!) a big help.

  • We are seeing more non-bot, non-proposal telegram joins, so word is getting out there.

  • Refreshed the poocoin ad banner today, so it will be something poocoin users haven’t seen before.

  • Plenty of rugs happening today on BSC. We rowed the NEETX lifeboat around 4chan and coinchan and threw out some lifelines.

  • We have an AMA scheduled at 1400 UTC on Tuesday with Ape Lab. That should give us a chance to really tell people outside of this Telegram what our project is all about. I’m looking forward to preaching the NEETX gospel!

  • Website updates should be coming in the next day or two, including a revised NEETX manifesto, a revised roadmap, and a blog section so we can post all of these updates on the website. The goal is to provide a more enticing entry point for new holders after they click on our banner ads.

It seems like most projects haven’t been doing a whole lot of volume in the past day or two. T thinks that we can probably expect that through Christmas, as people are buying gifts and not crypto. The general market depression is not helping either. I’m still thoroughly impressed that we are crabbing along with the rest of the market and have seen our price stay relatively stable over the last two days. Obviously crabbing is not what we want in the short term, but considering the whole market is down, we have a pretty good looking chart.

24 Hour Update: December 16th

Your latest news from the last 24 hour period:

  • Up 15% against BNB for the 24 hour period. Our average 24 hour growth is now +6.75%

  • Logo contest voting is finished, and @bansilalketki was the clear favorite with 60% of the vote. The 50,000,000 $NEETX prize has been paid out!

  • Made (and are currently testing) some marketing contacts to access the Chinese market

  • Poocoin ads FINALLY went live and we saw some more traffic from that today in the telegram.

  • Inquired about ads on dextools.io

  • Refreshed the 4chan ad account with some new banners, and linked one of them to the telegram channel as an experiment

  • Rowed the NEETX lifeboat around 4chan and threw some lifelines to a bunch of rugged anons

  • Won a Facebook voting challenge and got entered into the next round. Check the pins and make sure you vote!

  • More great memes and good vibes in the Telegram.

  • We announced our 1,000,000,000 $NEETX Giveaway Contest. Check the announcements channel for the details, but it is designed to grow our number of holders and our telegram membership. We should have some paid twitter promotion dropping shortly that is linked to the giveaway contest.

There is also a list of Reddit posts to be upvoted from Masterglitch, and a list of Facebook posts to be liked from T. This stuff really matters. The more it gets engaged with on social media, the more it is presented to other people. If you upvote or like a post, and that causes it to be shown to someone else, and they come here and buy $NEETX, your bag gets more valuable. It only takes a minute to run through it all!

Not a bad day!

New Buyer Giveaway Contest!

Our next goal is to increase the number of $NEETX holders, so we can spread the word about our movement. Every new buy greater than 50,000,000 $NEETX until we reach 400 holders is eligible to win a prize!

  • 1st Prize: 500,000,000 $NEETX

  • 2nd Prize: 200,000,000 $NEETX

  • 3rd Prize: SIX buyers will each receive 50,000,000 $NEETX

One we reach 400 holders, we will randomly select the winners and post the winning wallet addresses in the NEETX telegram: t.me/neetxfinance . You must be in the telegram to claim your prize! So buy some $NEETX, and then tell your friends! The sooner we reach 400 holders, the sooner we will announce our winners!

Stay comfy friends.

24 Hour update, December 15th:

Your latest news from the last 24 hour period:

  • Down 27% for the day against BNB, and our average 24 hour growth over the last 3 days is now +1%

  • We deployed our first call this morning and saw an influx of telegram members but not a whole lot in new buyers. We are looking for call channels that will be more productive. If you have suggestions DM them to me.

  • We got some good engagement on Twitter throughout the day, including a twitter crypto influencer with 56,000 followers following the @neetxbsc account. We are going to continue our push on twitter to engage with more anti-authority content.

  • Voting is now live for the CMC and CG logo contest! Check the pinned messages in the main telegram. I’ll tally up the results tomorrow at 1500 UTC and we will have our winner!

  • STILL waiting on moderator approval for our poocoin ads. At this point I think the A-ads support people know me by name.

  • Reddit does not allow advertising for single-asset crypto projects, so we will have to continue our community marketing efforts for that venue.

  • More excellent deposits in our meme bank

  • More real talk in the telegram, which is always welcome.

It was a bummer to see a bunch of buyers exit the project to chase gains elsewhere, but that is just how the crypto market goes. We will have good days and bad days, but as long as we keep getting the word out about what we are building here, we are in good shape. If you’re not looking at the chart in 24 hour mode, you’re not thinking about this project on the same time scale that we are. We are still up 70% from our launch price, which is better than most of the serious project launches I’ve seen recently. We’ve seen more external interest about the project in the last 24 hours, including another group reaching out to us about having an AMA on their channel. We are pursuing all avenues to get the word out, but our best resource is still you. If you believe in the project, go tell someone why.

Slow and steady my NEETs! The system will not be overthrown in a day…

24 hour update: December 14th

Your latest update from the last 24 hour period:

  • Down 6% for the day against BNB, and our average 24 hour growth is now +15% over the last two days. The big drop was from a whale cashing out. Again, pretty normal stuff. Some of you were looking for a buying opportunity; now is your chance!

  • New all-time high (again)

  • Some new submissions for the CMC and CG logo contest. Keep them coming! The contest closes at 1500 UTC on December 15th. That’s tomorrow if you’re on burger time.

  • Just waiting on moderator approval for our Poocoin ad campaign. Once it goes live we’ll pay the bounty for the banner ad we are using!

  • More excellent deposits in our meme bank

  • Still lots of comfy vibes in the telegram. I appreciate it!

Our next near-term goal is to increase the number of holders and telegram members. We are exploring some different avenues to do this, including paid telegram calls, partnering with popular crypto twitter accounts for giveaway promotions, and one or more external AMAs to spread the word about NEETX and what it represents. But the best way for us to do that is for you to get the word out there. Not just just with copypasta shill messages, but actually communicating with other like-minded folks about what this project is, what it represents, what the potential is, and how they can get involved. It’s really too much to convey with just a website banner ad or a shill post. You are our greatest advertising resource. So speak your mind!

24 hour update: December 13th

NEETX fam, here is a quick update of what’s been happening over the last 24 hours:

  • 36% growth over BSC, 16% above our daily average target growth rate

  • New all-time high (again)

  • We had our first big pump and correction since launch. Pretty normal, healthy growth stuff and the chart looks great!

  • Poocoin and Reddit ad accounts are ready to fire. We’re looking for some community-created banner ads; check the meme account for details. The bounty is $10 USD worth of $NEETX if we use your banner

  • More killer memes in the meme repository telegram. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

  • Got some nice submissions to the CMC and CG logo contest. Keep them coming!

  • Great community marketing efforts this morning, bringing in some new buyers! Nice work.

  • 100% comfy vibes in the telegram all day

  • Spent $20 on 4chan advertising

BNB shitcoins had a rough day and we not only weathered the storm, but came out ahead. That says a lot about our community and their commitment to the project. As Resident Milker said: “holding NEETX is a direct hedge against The Man.” Thanks for all your hard work today!

Tomorrow's goals:

  • Grow the telegram membership

  • Grow our number of holders

  • Keep our growth rate on track

  • Hope BSC has a better day than today!

Launch Recap and Update

All in all, the launch went great. We learned some things, mainly that the DxSale auto-distribute option doesn’t work. Sorry to those of you who weren’t able to claim your $NEETX right away. All the presale buyers did their job of holding through the pump and dip, and as I write this we just hit a new all-time high. Steady growth is what exactly what we want, and that is exactly what we have. The chart looks great!

Here is a quick recap of what has been accomplished over the last 24 hours:

✔️CoinMarketCap listing applied for

✔️CoinGecko listing applied for

✔️Website updated with LP lock and dev wallet vesting

✔️4chan mobile banner ads live

✔️Banner design contest prize paid out

✔️Logo design contest announced

Mostly we are in an excellent position to continue our growth thanks to the efforts of our community to get the word out, so let’s keep it up! We’re going to have another coordinated shilling effort tonight (burger time, roughly 0000 UTC) on 4chan and coinchan to drive more traffic our way. We are getting pretty damned close to 500 telegram members!

If you want to see what we are currently working on, or what tasks are in the short-term queue, check out this link. In order to make NEETX a radically transparent crypto project, we are making our task management totally public. This, along with our public marketing budget tracker gives you total visibility on where the project is organizationally and financially.

Here are a couple easy things you can do to help us out

- If you’re a twitter user, follow @neetxbsc and like and retweet our posts

- If you are a redditor, join our subreddit, r/neetxfinance

- Join the announcements channel: t.me/@neetxannouncements

These social media numbers really do add credibility to a new project when potential buyers are looking into it.

If you’re feeling particularly based, here is the biggest thing you can do:

Tell us your story

How did you get here? Why are you here? What do you want from this project? We saw some real-talk NEETX manifestos in the chat earlier today. Go look them up. And once you’ve told us your story, go tell someone else. Get the word out about NEETX. Yeah, it’s a meme coin, but that meme represents a much bigger set of beliefs that is becoming more and more popular around the world. If you’re a NEET, 躺平, ひきこもり, kaum rebahan, part of the Great Resignation, or just sick of your fucking job, you belong here at NEETX.

NEETX. comfy.