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"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains" - Rousseau


It is said that only those who have lost their minds are truly happy, for the travails, the trials, the tribulations of this world seem mundane and rather unrelated to their wandering imaginations.

They could achieve happiness, but they could never be free, for they are lost in the prison of their own mind.

We aren’t in that particular prison. We can go where we want. Do what we want. Be what we want. But are we free? How free are free?

We, the people, are not free.

For the power of capital, or fiat money, controlled by a few, is still the leash that determines and limits our boundaries, our whereabouts, our life, and our destiny.

The NEETX Financial Freedom Movement will be the next step in the decentralized financial freedom tide that is sweeping over the world today and tomorrow. This movement has spread around the world and has many names - Hikikomori in Japan, Tang Ping in China, and the Great Resignation in the US.

To be truly free is to lose the shackles of fiat currency that were put upon us the moment we were born.

NEET, the philosophy of Not in Education, Employment or Training, is a movement of passive resistance.

Today, the NEETX Finance decentralized cryptocurrency will be our tool for the next phase of our movement - active resistance!

Our mission is to be free.

Welcome to NEETX Finance - Project: Financial Freedom.

Buy It. Hold It. Shill It.

Why are we holding $NEETX?

“Real talk: I'm not a NEET. I have a job. And the wages at my job aren't even keeping up with inflation. My rent went up 25% this year. Everything is going up. I pointed this out to my employer (who requires me to live here and not somewhere cheaper) and asked for a raise that at least matches inflation. They basically told me, in summary, "Fuck you, what are you going to do about it?" And they are right. If I want to be their wagecuck, there is nothing I can do about it. So now I'm doing this. And hopefully one day I'll be in the position to say "Fuck you, this is what I'm doing about it."

"I know I'm not the only one who feels like they are getting fucked by the system while those at the top see their net worth grow exponentially on the backs of those at the bottom. To me, NEETX is an opportunity to flip the script and put ourselves at the top for once.”

“Not gonna go into specifics but to sum up my own situation; every day I fear ending up homeless, that's how dire things are for me right now. I don't waste money on stupid things before anyone asks 😂 I'm simply living week to week, paycheck to paycheck, and the only reason I have a roof over my head still is because my landlord is chill and hasn't increased my rent to match current market rates... yet, that's the main reason I’m constantly in fear of ending up homeless because if he does increase it, and he legally can at any moment, then I cannot afford a home anymore.”

"I'm holding NEETX because I believe it's the ultimate fuck you to a system which is increasingly exploitational and aims to enslave me at every opportunity. Also, just imagine if a token that glorifies unemployment gets into the headlines."

"I believe in NEETX and want to teach a lesson to all those closest to me who are pessimistic about what I tell them about this good news (NEETX), They always think that what I say about NEETX today is a form of fantasy that will not never happened :) and I can only answer with words: when that time comes, only words of regret will come out of your mouth :) Maybe you can correct my words because I wrote it using Google translate 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

" I'm unemployed right now and not even by choice. I have a reasonable amount of experience and a bachelor's degree yet I can barely get a call for an interview, much less actually get hired on anywhere, for no good reason. The only places that even want to talk to me are understaffed call centers trying to underpay me for high school diploma level work. Fortunately I'm surviving and would just like the extra money a job would bring but what about the people in my shoes who need this shit to survive? The system is kind of a bad joke and that's part of why I'm holding."

"I don't see Neet being just a meme. It is a proper lifestyle adopted by many across the world. This is a lifestyle I truly believe in but like all good things in life, its bloody hard to achieve it - until now. I am convinced that NeetX is going to be the 'make it' token for me and many others. The token is backed by people who share the vision of achieving Neetdom. The dev is a man of great honour and a really cool guy, who has kept things transparent from Day 1. I feel comfortable holding my tokens and the community that is built around it so far is amazing. I am really long on NeetX as a token, project and community."

These are real post from our actual holders. This is what NEETX means to us.


DEvelopment road map

Phase 1 - The Launch

100 Telegram members

Token Launch

Shitpost @binance


500 Telegram members

$250,000 Market Cap

Twitter feud with notable capitalist

Website update


CoinGecko Listing

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coinbase price visibility

Crypto.com price visibility

Blow up a youtube video with comments

$500,000 Market Cap

Token Audit

You’re feeling pretty comfy

Phase 2 - Investment

Branded stickers and merch

Shitpost @binance some more

1000 Telegram members

NEETX Tangping telegram channel

Trend an anti-work hashtag on Twitter

Beef with wagies on Twitter because of our hashtag

$1,000,000 Market Cap

Institute of Global Homelessness charity donation

Moonbois fomo in because our chart looks money

Anti-work NFTs (but make them nearly free because we fiscally responsible)

Expand paid marketing outside crypto world

Phase 3 - The Return

$5,000,000 Market Cap

Second anti-work charity donation

D-man gets a place to live

You’re basically living off your BUSD rewards at this point

CEX listing to access markets external to DEXs

$10,000,000 Market Cap

Third anti-work charity donation

Crypto investment firms take notice because of our growth and buy in

You tell your boss to go fuck himself

Media exposure outside the financial world

$NEETX becomes the new $GME

Hedge funds fomo into $NEETX

$100,000,000 Market Cap

Cash out and live job-free on your $NEETX investment.


10% Buy and Sell Tax

4% Liquidity Pool: Locked for 10 Years

4% BUSD Reflection: The NEETX Tendies Fund

2% Promotion and Charity: To be voted on by members

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Anti-Whale: Max wallet: 1.5%

How to Buy Neetx:

Option 1:

Step 1: Install MetaMask for Chrome

Open your Google Chrome and visit Metamask.io . Download the MetaMask chrome extension and set up a wallet.

On mobile? Get MetaMask's app for iPhone or Android.

Step 2: Send $BNB to MetaMask

Transfer $BNB to your ne MetaMask wallet from your existing wallet (eg. Trust Wallet, Coinbase, or Binance),

or buy $BNB Directly within MetaMask.

Step 3: Connect to PancakeSwap

The Best way to buy NEETX is on PancakeSwap. Visit PancakeSwap and click "connect wallet", MetaMask will ask for your signature, go ahead and sign it.

Step 4: Swap $BNB for $NEETX

Set your slippage to 10 to 12 % and enter in the amount of $BNB you would like to swap to $NEETX.

Option 2:

Connect your wallet to our PooCoin Portal below, and buy.

A NEETX Philosophy

Work takes more out of you, than you take out of it.

You can purchase numerous commodities, but you can't ever buy back the hours of your life sold to the ungrateful.

Whether you get paid in grades for your academic piecework, or wages to facilitate commodity consumption.

Work is everywhere an alienation of your capacity to determine your own life.

Start the Revolution. Own NEETX and join the Crypto Social Movement for Financial Freedom.

neetx finance

The Financial Freedom Revolution has Begun!

Freedom is never given. We must take it.